My New Blog Address

This is a quick shout out to my followers to let you know that I changed my blog address to — in case anyone has links on their pages.

Sorry I haven’t written any new material lately or posted any updates. I hope to remedy that before my kiddos are home for the summer.

It isn’t only WordPress — it’s all my social media sites. Time socializing on the web is elusive right now. Even time to draw and paint or take photos, other than snaps with my phone.

Again, I hope to remedy that.

I think I may need to start a new planner.


For Whom Everything Is In Question

Rain bundled like hay,
hit like bricks that obliterated homes to sea;
now she lives home-wrecked with her bony children
and colorless neighbors on a tropical dune
where they search for old haunts
in sand,
on waves
and in the sky.

I tell you this in memory of dancing bears
and the drunk in the furnace—
they who look for the old
always find the past,
but when they look for the new,
whatever they do has just begun.

Empty Handed

Whatever I had lost
under rheumatic dust clouds puffed with pride,
my hands combed the ground
and came back as empty-handed as I went.

The gray grass under our stamping feet
revealed nothing but the old sorrows
when you were no longer a lovely fuck
and I stopped being your lark on millpond moss.

The chartreuse pond could have mattered
but the city sucked the sap from the grass
and butchered trees for newspapers of illusion
that led you to wear war boots and crutches.

Whatever I had lost,
I came back as empty-handed as I went.

Poem Of A Degree Of Reality

(An ode to Galway).

Abrupt emptiness gut heaved to its feet
among porcupine flowers budding broken farms and woods
where wind scrapes branches of bare trees
that moan in the grass
at time that kills us all—
the hard grin of death
like the rest of us
grateful for a clue to the natural mystery.

The Journey Begins Again

Hi! This is a shout-out from Lola Gentry-Dey. Thanks for joining me at my new blog!

Photo © Candice Sweet

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

My move from Art-Writing-Life happened sooner than I anticipated. Welcome to Lolalia’s World, my newest online home. Like my other blogs—and there were several:

—this blog is about me, my poetry, and my art.

Much of the writing and art from my old blogs is here, thanks to the Import/Export feature here at WordPress. Many comments and replies followed in the transaction, but none of the Page and Blog Likes did.

Oh well, starting over is a good thing—a rebirth! I hope this blog lasts for a long time.

Cheers, everyone. And welcome to my world—Lolalia’s World.

Going On My Own

I plan to leave Art-Writing-Life and park my writing and art at my own blog again. Not sure what I will call the site or when I’ll do this—probably February or March—but I’m ready to go it alone again. I am feeling healthier and the cancer is in remission, and my muse is percolating with poem and story ideas.

I appreciate Steve letting me move in and being my blog’s caretaker after I told him about my cancer discovery. From a passion he has for independent artists and writers, he felt it necessary to keep my contributions alive should I die, not sitting in cyberspace limbo, forgotten.

Is my writing and art worth showing to the world? I have my doubts. But too many people tell me otherwise. So here I go, baby steps, on my own again, with support from people who care about and love me.